Chill - Pink Glitterbomb Steel Pipe


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The Limited Edition Chill - Pink Glitterbomb Steel Pipe. 🥶 Only 300 Made!

The world's first stainless-steel, vacuum-insulated smoking device designed to keep your ice solid & water cold for hours.  Enjoy ice-cold hits all day long with this beauty! 

The complete setup comes with:
  • Patented, Vacuum Insulated Pink Glitterbomb Base
  • Standard 8.5" Pink Glitterbomb Neckpiece (13" Total)
  • An Unbreakable Aluminum Down Stem
  • A Borosilicate Glass Bowl Piece
  • Chill Lifetime Guarantee
  • When cleaning do not use chemical cleaners or salt - use  100% isopropyl alcohol without salt or vinegar with a pinch of baking soda.

Comes with a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty.