Covid 19 & Policy Updates (shipping/returns/exchanges)

To Our Beautiez,

Due to Covid-19 we hope you are remaining safe and complying with all required safety precautions.  Our top priority is the safety and protection of our Customers.  We are diligently doing our part to inspect and decontaminate your products during shipping preparation. 

As things continue to unfold, we are at the mercy and limitations set forth by others (I.E USPS, UPS, etc.).   While it is our goal to continue operating as usual, that may present itself to be unrealistic in some cases. We will try our best to avoid delays at all cost. 

Also please note for safety precautions there will be no returns or exchanges accepted.  For damages or defects please reach out within 48 hrs. so we can assess the issue.    

Your business and support is beyond appreciated, especially during this unprecedented time. 

Our team is available for any questions and/or concerns. You can contact us via the email below:

Please allow up to 48 Hours for a response. 

Note: Instagram and Facebook is not a form of email  

Cheeba Cabrera


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